ENVY 18-0-18 Fairway Mix:   Label 

  • Supplies a balanced feeding for golf course fairways when applied at one bag per acre every two to three weeks.
  • The nitrogen is blended from urea and ammoniacal sources to ensure uniform fairway growth.
  • A 12% concentration of sulfur is added to increase the availability of nutrients in alkaline soils.
  • A 3% concentration of L-amino acids is added to enhance protein production and fertilizer chelation.

 Application Rates and Timing:

  • An application rate of one 25 pound bag of ENVY 18-0-18 Fairway Mix per acre will supply 1/10th of a pound of nitrogen per thousand square feet of turf.
  • ENVY 18-0-18 Fairway Mix may be applied in a range of 1 to 3 gallons of water per thousand square feet solution.


  • ENVY 18-0-18 Fairway Mix is completely water soluble. It may be tank-mixed with pesticides, growth regulators and wetting agents. However, a jar test is always recommended.
  • Add one half the required amount of water to the tank before diluting ENVY 18-0-18 Fairway Mix in the sprayer basket.
  • ENVY 18-0-18 Fairway Mix will remain in solution with continual agitation.