About National Liquid Fertilizer



At National Liquid Fertilizer we take pride in providing quality fertilizers that deliver results. We offer a wide range of products and look forward to helping meet your fertilizer needs!


National Liquid Fertilizer was founded in 1961 by Felix Medlevin. Originally focused upon the liquid fertilizer market, the company evolved and began to offer a complete line of water soluble fertilizers. In 1992, the company was purchased by the current owner, Bruce Nutt, who has maintained the tradition of crafting superior water soluble fertilizers.

What We Do

  • Water Soluble Fertilizers +

    We have standard formulations available, but also possess the ability to custom blend any formulation you may require. Read More
  • ENVY 18 +

    ENVY 18 is our line of water soluble fertilizers specifically formulated for the unique requirements of golf course turf management. These formulas were developed in conjunction with golf course superintendent Brad Anderson. They are formulated to promote ease of use and to provide a consistent even-feed for varying turf requirements. Read More
  • ENVY Hydroponics +

    Our ENVY Brand Two Part Hydroponic Nutrient Concentrate was developed after multiple years of research in the Netherlands. The premium ingredients we utilize have been combined to provide superior nutrition to your hydroponic garden setup, no matter what you are growing, be it flowers, fruits or vegetables. Read More
  • Blending/Mixing/Private Label +

    Looking for a manufacturer for your private label product? We can provide those services. Feel free to contact us with the specific details and we'd be happy to develop a plan that best fits your needs. Read More
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